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Allstar Universal Classic 110995 3 Button Remote

Allstar Universal Classic 110995 Quickcode Transmitter Remote
Universal Remote Control

Classic Remote - Allstar Universal 3 Button remote replaces all Allstar remotes except for the MVP

318mhz frequency (most common) Allstar has phased out all of their other remotes and is now only selling this model which covers ANY of their previously made remotes. It works for ANY ALLSTAR / ALLISTER / PULSAR remotes except for MVP.

Features and Specifications

  • This new unit from Allstar is compatible with Allstar, Allister and Pulsar brand remote controls
  • Replaces models 9921T, 9931T, 8822T, 8832T, 8833T, 9921MT (key-chain), 9921TK, 9931TK, 8832TK and 9931TK6
  • Three buttons, compact size, visor or keychain transmitter (includes clip to mount on visor or use built-in attachment for keychain use)
  • Each button can be programmed with one of over 19,000 codes
  • You can control a single or a group of operators at one location or at multiple locations with a single transmitter
  • The Allstar Classic QuickCode may be used to replace older transmitters or may be added to systems using any of the above transmitters

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